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Valuation of Companies in Emerging Economies
Luis A. Pereiro
Price: $ 79.95

"A timely book on the critical subject of valuation in emerging markets. Academics and practitioners have provided over the last few years many pieces of the puzzle, and Pereiro successfully puts them all together. With a broad overview of the underlying theory and many examples in which the theory is put to work, this book is bound to become one of the must-read references on the topic." ¿¿Javier Estrada, IESE Business School (Barcelona, Spain), Editor-in-Chief, Emerging Markets Review

"Valuation is a key factor for success in the business of private equity. This is a fundamental book to be read by all professionals involved in private equity in emerging markets. Valuation of Companies in Emerging Markets: A Practical Approach contains a comprehensive set of valuation tools, and the book provides a very focused and pragmatic approach to the techniques that are applied in practice by private equity investors in nontraditional markets." ¿¿ Carlos Wagener, HSBC Private Equity Latin America

"Two mistakes are common in the valuation of companies in emerging markets: inappropriate application of models originally developed for mature economies, and the use of black boxes¿¿ displaying numbers without explaining the rationale behind them. Valuation of Companies in Emerging Markets: A Practical Approach adds value to the theory and practice of company valuation and helps to avoid these mistakes." ¿¿ Ernesto Gaba, Chief Economist, BBVA Banco Franc`es

"A required reading for practitioners and everybody who deals with investment in emerging markets. This book contains a comprehensive set of tools and examples for tackling practical problems of valuation. Pereiro¿s balanced exposition of theory and practice as it applies to the changing conditions of emerging markets fills an important gap in the literature." ¿¿ Enrique R. Arzac, Professor of Finance and Economics, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University

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