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Brief History of Economic Genius
Paul Strathern
Price: $ 27.95

A BRIEF HISTORY OF ECONOMIC GENIUS Paul Strathern brings to life the great economists and mathematicians by revealing their eccentricity and brilliance. Readers will enjoy Strathern¿s entertaining styles as well as the extensively researched and logical tale of how these intellectual giants contributed their natural talents, ideas and skills to the development of today¿s mathematical and economics concepts.

Starting with the Renaissance, Strathern unveils that these geniuses including Pacioli, Schumpeter, von Neumann and Nash frequently came upon their insights and huge leaps of discovery coincidentally or in the course of their ordinary business. Strathern also explains how and why these individuals often wrestled with the physical, moral and social implications of their work, and how mathematics, chance and decision-making are intrinsically part of human behavior.

Paul Strathern uncovers the lives and ideas of the great philosophers of money against the backdrop of some of history¿s most turbulent events: The South Sea Bubble, the French and Russian Revolutions and the Crash of 1929. On the way, he provides an enriching and entertaining account of the great, the good and the downright bad in economic theories -- from double-entry book-keeping to game theory.

A Brief History of Economic Genius is an extremely well written, extraordinary tale and a rich opportunity to learn about economics in an entertaining and informative fashion.

PAUL STRATHERN lectures in Philosophy and Mathematics at Kingston University in London. He studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at Trinity College, Dublin and holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Mathematics from Trinity. A Somerset Maugham prize-winning author of A Season in Abyssinia, Strathern has authored many other books, including Mendelyev¿s Dream, which was shortlisted for the Aventis General prize for Science in 2001. He has also written for The Observer and The Wall Street Journal.

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