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The Globalization Myth
Alan Shipman
Price: $ 12.95

Globalisation increases inequality, crushes dissent and subjugates democratically elected governments to the will of global capital. Right? Wrong.

The 'No Logo-ers' need to switch sides. Global business can redistribute wealth, transfer technology and make the world work more effectively ¿ for the benefit of all. The WTO, the IMF and others are the activists¿ best hope for steering our panicked planet off the rocks of inequality, oppression and environment-eating technology.

But there¿s more to globalisation than Golden Arches by the Golden Temple, Cadillacs cruising the Valley of the Kings. Communities robbed by capitalism¿s ¿invisible hand¿ are voting with their feet, going after the First World wealth currently denied them. Opening borders to exchange is the only alternative to closing them against runaway migration.

Alan Shipman explains why globalisation is good ¿ why it can spread the profits and spare the trees ¿ and how multinationals will undermine the market economy and private property far more rapidly than the reddest-toothed revolutionary.

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