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Poverty and Charity in Middle Eastern Contexts

Michael Bonner Mine Ener Amy Singer
Price: $ 23.95

Addresses the ideals and institutions through which Middle Eastern societies have confronted poverty and the poor.

Offering insights and analysis in a field that has only recently come into existence, this book explores the ideals and institutions through which Middle Eastern societies¿from the rise of Islam in the seventh century C.E. to the present day¿have confronted poverty and the poor. By introducing new sources and presenting familiar ones with new questions, the contributors examine ideas about poverty and the poor, ideals and practices of charity, and state and private initiatives of poor relief over this extensive time span. They avoid easy generalizations about Islam and the Middle East as they seek to set the ideals and practices in comparative perspective.

"A well-thought-out analysis with the very specific aim of addressing a gap in the historiography of the Middle East." ¿ Virginia H. Aksan, author of An Ottoman Statesman in War and Peace: Ahmed Resmi Efendi, 1700¿1783

"Posing interesting questions and offering imaginative answers, this volume marks a new departure in Middle Eastern scholarship. I am aware of no comprehensive volume on this or a similar subject for the Middle East." ¿ Nathan J. Brown, The George Washington University

"The individual articles complement one another so that the cumulative effect for understanding poverty and charity in the Middle East across the sweep of its history is quite rich. No existing volume provides such an overview of the topic as does this one." ¿ Everett K. Rowson, translator of The History of al-Tabari: Volume XXII: The Marwanid Restoration, The Caliphate of 'Abd al-Malik A.D. 693¿701/A.H. 74¿81

Contributors include Beth Baron, Michael Bonner, Mark R. Cohen, Juan R.I. Cole, Natalie Zemon Davis, Mine Ener, Eyal Ginio, Miriam Hoexter, Timur Kuran, Kathryn Libal, Ingrid Mattson, Nadir Oèzbek, Adam Sabra, Miriam Shefer, Amy Singer, and Yasser Tabbaa.

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