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On Money and Markets
Henry Kaufman
Price: $ 16.95

Henry Kaufman, former vice Chairman of Salomon Brothers, was a key Wall Street figure in the 70s and 80s. His projections about interest rates, bond performance, unemployment, and government debt impacted monetary policy in more than one presidential administration, and prompted swings in the markets. You¿ll find On Money and Markets ¿Dr. Kaufman¿s look back at the financial and economic arenas he helped shape for half a century ¿ both fascinating and valuable. His memoir gives you insight into such questions as why the Federal Reserve has gained so much power, and what it means for investors....and what patterns we can see in the credit crunches and other financial crises that have rocked Wall Street and world markets. The dozen or so questions he explores are of serious concern to today¿s investors. And few other experts have Dr. Kaufman¿s perspective and experience to answer them.

"On Money and Markets should be prescribed reading for all those whose future and fortunes are tied to the performance of our financial system. But more than that, the book is an absorbing story, a saga of how one man, starting as a butcher's son in a German village and thrust as a refugee into the citadel of capitalism, could make an important contribution to the world of finance and to the educational and cultural life of the city at the center of that world." ­­Paul A. Volcker, from the Foreword

"Henry Kaufman's On Money and Markets is a fascinating journey with one of the financial community's most successful and respected figures. It is also a warmly human memoir of a young German immigrant who became a Wall Street icon." ­­Dr. Henry A. Kissinger

"On Money and Markets could not have come along at a better time. With penetrating insight and a wealth of experience, Henry Kaufman makes a powerful case for what is important and what is ephemeral in business and finance. Investors, policymakers, and busines leaders would do well to take notice."­­George Soros.

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