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Syed Arif Husain Uma Lele Karin Perkins Adalberto Veríssimo Virgilio Viana Steve Vosti
Price: $ 22

Although the involvement of the World Bank in the forest sector has a relatively short history, starting in 1988, the impact of Bank projects dates back much further. The Bank's 1991 forest strategy stressed a multi-sectoral approach. Accordingly, this review looked at the Bank's projects in the forest sector, projects with forest sector components, and projects with potential impacts on forests, as well as the Bank's non-lending services. These studies seek to judge whether the Bank has "done the right things" and "done things right." Series Set: Stock no. 31716. Price Code S75/$75.00. Titles also available individually (see below). "Brazil: Forests in the Balance: Challenges of Conservation with Development" Uma Lele, Virgilio Viana, Adalberto Verissimo, Steven Vosti, Karin Perkins, and Syed Arif Husain, authors 2000. 224 pages. 6 x 9. Stock no. 14761 (ISBN 0-8213-4761-6). Price Code S22/$22.00. "China: From Afforestation to Poverty Alleviation and Natural Forest Management" Scott Rozelle, Jikun Huang, Syed Arif Husain, and Aaron Zazueta, authors 2000. 216 pages. 6x9. Stock no. 14759 (ISBN 0-8213-4759-4). Price Code S22/$22.00. "Costa Rica: Forest Strategy and the Evolution of Land Use" Ronnie de Camino, Olman Segura, Luis Guillermo Arias, and Isaac Pérez, authors 2000. 152 pages. 6 x 9. Stock no. 14764 (ISBN 0-8213-4764-0). Price Code S22/$22.00. "India: Alleviating Poverty through Forest Development" Nalini Kumar, Naresh Chandra Saxena, Yoginder K. Alagh, Kinsuk Mitra, authors 2000. 224 pages. 6 x 9. Stock no. 14762 (ISBN 0-8213-4762-4). Price Code S22/$22.00. "Indonesia: The Challenges of World Bank Involvement in Forests" Madhur Gautam, Uma Lele, William Hyde, Hariadi Kartodiharjo, Azis Khan, Ir. Erwinsyah, and Saeed Rana, authors 2000. 168 pages. 6 x 9. Stock no. 14763 (ISBN 0-8213-4763-2). Price Code S22/$22.00.

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